Vocational training

Our “Way2Germany Mechatronics” program, which we organize in cooperation with the company SinaLingua Cross-Cultural Management (Shanghai & Heidelberg), places selected graduates of Chinese vocational schools as trainees in German companies.

Range of service

Starting Position

Small and medium-sized companies dominate the German mechanical and plant engineering sector, including a number of “hidden champions”.

Although the People’s Republic of China is increasingly developing from a production location into one of the most important global sales markets, many smaller companies still have no presence there. Even for companies already represented in the country, the search for qualified Chinese employees for service and sales is extremely difficult because the vocational training system there is heavily school-based. It is therefore unthinkable for Chinese companies to grant trainees access to their companies.

The German dual vocational training system, on the other hand, enjoys an excellent reputation and is regarded internationally as a role model.

Range of services in vocational education and training

Our “Way2Germany Mechatronics” program creates intercultural opportunities and meeting places by placing selected Chinese vocational school students as apprentices in German companies. In many areas of mechanical engineering, e.g. automation technology, Germany is the world market leader. The profession of mechatronics engineer (m/f/d) fits particularly well into these areas, as a combination of electronic and mechanical understanding is trained here.

The programme is aimed at young people who, in addition to valuable professional qualifications, would also like to develop linguistic and intercultural skills, which will play an increasingly important role against the background of the growing industrial interdependence between China and Germany.

Participants begin their stay in Germany with a school preparation course lasting approximately one year, in which they learn German up to language level B2 and acquire intercultural skills.

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Phase 1. Recruitment

Target audience

  • Gifted and motivated chinese students who have completed vocational school in a technical subject such as mechatronic
  • Idally, they should speak some german already, although this is not strictly necessary.


  • Recruitment at chinese vocational schools by SinaLingua
  • Verification of professional and personal suitability
  • Review and translation of documents


  • Way2Germany match applicants to interested host companies.
  • Final selection by the future host company, e.g. by telefone, skype or by means of personal interviews on site.
  • Signing a letter of intent (LOI)

Phase 2. Preparation


  • SinaLingua assist with the visa application at the local German consulate in China
  • Way2Germany Education Consultants handle the German end of the Visa process. (health and liability insurance, letter of guarantee etc.)

School Prep Course

  • Fulltime study of German in Germany.
  • Tuition and accommodation included
  • Required course duration depends upon previous knowleadge of German and individual learning process

Contract Signing

  • Contract of apprenticeship between participant and host company is signed.
  • Way2Germany assist with finding accommodation in new home town, help with moving and so forth.

Phase 3. Training

Vocational School

  • An average of 1.5 days days in class each week.
  • Free-of-charge tuition.
  • Subjects taught include:
    • Work organisation

    • System and operating technology

    • Operational communication

    • Economics and business administration

    • Sports

    • Politics/Sociology


  • Participants receive an average 3.5 days training a week in the host company.
  • Learn practical skills.
  • Get to know the company`s product range
  • Receive a small salary that rises each year

Advantages for your company

Apart from the approximately one-year waiting period until their arrival, there is hardly any difference for your company between the admission of programme participants and German trainees.

W2G Consulting GmbH and SinaLingua as the program sponsor take care of all organizational and administrative aspects, both in China and in Germany, so that your personnel department is not burdened with this.

The participants have already shown interest in and suitability for the profession of mechatronics technician in their home country, have been optimally prepared linguistically and interculturally and are highly motivated throughout, because they bear the costs of the programme themselves.

The goal

Your company can train its potential employees of tomorrow according to proven tradition and without additional effort at its headquarters in Germany – and at the same time build a bridge to China!

After successful completion of the mechatronics training in your company, you can then prepare your Chinese employees for their future tasks in your company. No matter in which areas they will be active, communication with China will improve significantly.

Contact person for companies

If you are interested in training participants of the Way2Germany mechatronics program in your company, please contact:

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jörg Backé
Project Manager Vocational Training
Tel.: +49-176-459 689 47
E-Mail: joerg.backe (at) way2germany.com