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Our historical roots lie in serving schoolchildren and university students from the P.R. China during their educational stay in Germany. Our management gained extensive experience in this field before the decision was made to found W2G Consulting GmbH, which is more diversified both geographically and in its activities.


Education: The supervision of international students during their educational stay in Germany still is one of our core competencies. Our range of services comprises three areas of responsibility: 1. Preparation. In our school preparation programme, which we run together with the private school Carpe Diem, international students are optimally prepared for attending a regular German school in terms of language, culture and subject matter. 2) The targeted placement of carefully selected international students in schools that suit their personal profile and in which they fit in well. 3) The extra-curricular supervision of international pupils, a 24/7/365 all-round service in which we take care of every aspect and are personal contact persons for all situations in life. We act as the interface between students, schools and parents.

Vocational training: Small and medium-sized enterprises dominate the German mechanical and plant engineering sector, including a number of “hidden champions”. Although the P.R. China is increasingly developing from a production location to one of the most important global sales markets, many smaller companies still have no presence there.

For companies already represented in the country, the search for qualified Chinese specialists for service and sales is also extremely difficult because the vocational training system there is heavily school-based. For example, it is unthinkable for Chinese companies to grant trainees access to their companies. The German dual vocational training system, on the other hand, enjoys an excellent reputation and is regarded internationally as a role model.

Our “Way2Germany Mechatronics” programme places selected graduates of Chinese vocational schools as trainees in German companies. Germany is the world market leader in many areas of mechanical engineering, such as automation technology. The profession of mechatronics technician (m/f/d) fits particularly well into these areas, as a combination of electronic and mechanical understanding is trained here.

The program is aimed at young people who, in addition to valuable professional qualifications, would also like to develop linguistic and intercultural skills, which will play an increasingly important role against the background of the growing industrial interdependence between China and Germany.

As the program sponsor, we take care of all organizational and administrative aspects, both in China and in Germany, so that the personnel departments of the training companies are not burdened. Participating companies can thus train their potential employees of tomorrow according to proven tradition and without additional effort at their headquarters in Germany – and at the same time build a bridge to China!

Investment immigration: Every year around 30,000 small and medium-sized companies are put up for sale in Germany, including numerous flourishing companies whose owners and managing directors have not succeeded in finding a suitable succession solution. Other owner-managers have not taken care of their retirement plans in time and have always invested all their money in the company, but when they reach retirement age they have to realize that their company is so strongly influenced by them personally that without them at the helm it is virtually unsaleable. Still others are passionate inventors who consider the managerial duties associated with running an expanding company a distraction and who want nothing more than to be able to give up these tasks and finally devote themselves entirely to tinkering again.

Citizens of “third-party countries” who are not favoured by special exceptions and who want to set up a business in Germany and settle here permanently, are faced with considerable obstacles by § 21 of the Residence Act. In addition to the viability of their business idea and their personal suitability as entrepreneurs, which of course also presupposes advanced knowledge of the German language, they must first prove that there is an economic interest or a regional need, that the activity can be expected to have positive effects on the economy, and that the financing is secured. Providing all this evidence requires immense effort, especially as the decision to approve the business plan is always taken at a local level, with considerable discretion. As attractive as Germany as a location may be in principle, only a few entrepreneurs from third countries are willing and able to accept the effort associated with setting up a new business.

However, most of the hurdles mentioned above do not apply to the purchase of a successful existing company. This is where our “Way2Germany Business Succession” programme comes in. We create win-win situations by brokering economically healthy small or medium-sized companies with succession difficulties to solvent investors from Asia. We preserve jobs, enable a planned exit for the current owner-managers and provide foreign investors quickly and without excessive effort a permanent stay perspective in Germany. Since almost all investors are successful entrepreneurs, synergy effects often arise, in the sense that the acquired companies thereby gain access to the respective home market of the investors.

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