Lietz Boarding School Castle Bieberstein

Learning with head, heart and hand

Our educational concept is based on the basic idea of our school founder Hermann Lietz, who, following Pestalozzi, propagated holistic learning with head, heart and hand. 110 pupils from the upper school, the international preliminary course and the E-International of the Gymnasium live and learn together with their teachers in the former summer residence of the prince-abbots of Fulda. The young people of the graduation classes have the possibility to move into single rooms and can prepare themselves in this way still more concentrated for their Abitur. As young adults, the Biebersteiner pupils increasingly assume responsibility for their own learning and life styles.

The team of Lietz Boarding School Castle Bieberstein is committed to the international idea – more than a tenth of our students come to us from all over the world. Over the past few years, the school has been conceptually oriented accordingly and guarantees intensive support and excellent integration of foreign students. The international student body does not form a separate group, but is evenly distributed among the various boarding school families and takes part in the regular classes and courses. In addition, there is a comprehensive support structure. “German as a Foreign Language” (DaF) is taught in all class levels and the subject “Culture and History” (KuGe) teaches the basics of German culture. There is a learning accompaniment in the introductory phase of the 10th grade and vocabulary training in the learning hours. The preparatory year Upper School is a language learning concept specially designed for Castle Bieberstein, which not only gives the student a pronounced vocabulary, but also important experience for the course level in Bieberstein and every other secondary school in Germany. The aim is to prepare as well as possible for the German Abitur and thus offer a perfect basis for further academic training in Germany.

Key facts

  • School-leaving certificate: Abitur
  • 110 boarding school places; in the upper school pupils have single rooms at their disposal
  • 110 pupils in total
  • Class size: 10-15 pupils
  • Students from many different nations
  • G9 Classes (Class 10-13)
  • Percentage of girls and boys 40/60 – School
  • Percentage of girls and boys 40/60 – Boarding school
  • Elective in economics
  • The pupils live together in the boarding school in so-called boarding school families with about ten young people. They are looked after by a teacher who has the function of the boarding family father or mother.
  • An essential part of the boarding school and school life are the mandatory cultural events, which take place every Wednesday evening for the school community. They range from concerts and lectures to evenings organised by pupils and teachers.
  • Extracurricular activities: Endurance sports, basketball, badminton, archery, fitness training, football, geocaching, golf, climbing, power sports, horse riding, tennis, volleyball, goldsmithing, cooking, pottery, band, choir, singing, Chinese culture, art, theatre.
  • Practical work: Library, bus, chemistry/biology, medical service, shop, tea room, tutors for international pupils, refugee aid, chapel technology, guided tours of the castle, parliament