Gymnasium Calvarienberg

Be connected with one another through the bond of love, by appreciating one another.

The Gymnasium Calvarienberg is a private school and a cooperation school of the private school Carpe Diem. The students attend the Calvarienberg Gymnasium and live in the Carpe Diem boarding school.

We consider our educational and upbringing goals to be the provision of a sound general education at a demanding level and the education of independence and critical ability. Equally important to us are a sense of responsibility and social commitment against the background of Christian values. We want to awaken the readiness for a peaceful and tolerant coexistence. For this reason, we attach great importance to awakening and promoting our pupils’ awareness of the importance of a free and democratic Europe. We encourage the willingness of our pupils to learn, and we treat their individuality with respect. We support the development of their respective abilities and interests and would like to prepare them at the same time for a life in the community and mutual responsibility. We also try to take up social changes in the classroom and in extracurricular activities and accept them as a challenge. We value an open, trusting atmosphere between teachers and students.

Key facts

  • School-leaving certificate: Abitur
  • Boarding school: Carpe Diem
  • 700 pupils in total
  • G9 Classes (Class 10-13)
  • Special support for high achievers
  • Jazz Combo, Orchestra, Pakistan Club, School newspaper, School garden, School medical service, Spanish Club, Theatre subscription
  • Self-defence
  • Many school projects, including “Create YOUrope”, “The future is Europe”, visiting the exhibition “We against Racism”, Europe Day at Gymnasium Calvarienberg