Fees & organizational matters



Fee Structure

The programme fees comprise the following items:

  • Tuition
  • Boarding
  • Our extracurricular services
  • Compulsory health and liability insurance
  • Deposit*

*The deposit is lodged by the parents to cover any unforeseeable expenses arising during the stay in Germany (e.g., for medication in case of illness or for private hobbies during leisure time). Billing takes place annually with invoicing of the programme fee. Parents receive a detailed list of all costs incurred.

A complete overview of our fees is available on request.

Payment of programme fees

The annual programme fee must be paid in advance for the first time after registration and before the student arrives by bank transfer to the German business account of W2G Consulting GmbH. W2G Consulting GmbH will send the confirmation of admission, which is a necessary document for the visa application, only after receipt of the full programme fee.

Subsequent university studies

Both the Abitur and the IB ® Diploma degrees of our partner schools entitle graduates to subsequent studies at all German universities. Some schools abroad also offer these degrees, but an important advantage of our German partner schools is that their graduates are considered domestic students and therefore do not fall under the 10% quota for foreign students. This increases the chances of obtaining a place in the desired subject at the desired university tremendously.

Language requirements

In the IB ® Diploma courses the language of instruction is English, in the Abitur courses it is German. In order to be able to follow the lessons, the pupils naturally have to have a good knowledge of English or German.

For those IB ® Diploma students whose existing knowledge of English is not yet sufficient to take part in regular classes, our two partner schools offer preparatory courses (Prep Classes). However, good previous knowledge of the English language is expected. The required duration of participation in these Prep Classes depends on the individual learning progress of the students. After the students have been integrated into the regular IB ® Diploma classes, they must also take German lessons.

Students who wish to take the Abitur, but whose knowledge of German does not yet enable them to take part in lessons at a German mainstream school, first go through the DIP school preparation programme of our partner school Carpe Diem. No previous knowledge of the German language is expected here. The duration of the school preparation programme is one year.

Characteristics of the Abitur courses

With the exception of the IB ® Diploma Schools, which form a separate category, the German school system distinguishes between so-called alternative schools and supplementary schools.

In short, alternative schools are allowed to administer the Abitur examination themselves and all grades achieved during the upper secondary school level count towards the overall Abitur grade. For international students, who often have slight language deficits at the beginning and whose academic performance therefore improves continuously with increasing confidence in their command of the German language, it may be a (small) disadvantage if their grades are included in the Abitur grade from the start.

In supplementary schools, on the other hand, the Abitur examination is taken externally and only the marks achieved in this examination form the overall Abitur grade. This can be advantageous for some international students, but is less recommendable for students who suffer from pronounced examination anxiety. We will be happy to advise you which type of school is right for your child.

A distinction is also made between G9 and G8 classes. The abbreviations G8 and G9 stand for the organisation of the time spent at grammar school by a total of 8 or 9 years. G8 means that the middle school is completed in a total of five school years. G9 means that the intermediate level is completed in six school years. In both cases, the sixth form is followed by three years. G8 was introduced in 2005, but has not found the necessary acceptance and will be abolished in 2019/2020 in favour of G9, unless the school decides to continue offering a G8 option. We will be happy to explain to you what this means for your child in a specific individual case.

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