Collegium Augustinianum Gaesdonck

Head. Heart. Character

We offer you and your child a valuable supplement to your parental education by giving your child – in addition to an excellent school education – decisive intellectual, cultural and social impulses. The triad of “Head. Heart. Character” shows the aspiration that we set ourselves. We are a value-oriented boarding school and school community. Security, personal communication, clear structures with connecting rituals and rules and a caring togetherness – all this can be experienced at Gaesdonck in a special way for young people. This creates lifelong friendships.

As an independent boarding school, we naturally offer our students excellent preparation for their Abitur. Our Abitur results have been consistently better than the national average for years. However, the education offered at Gaesdonck goes far beyond the curriculum of the grammar school. Gaesdonck’s renowned courses of excellence are a very special offer – and unique in many respects: on a university seminar level, they offer high school students early intensive preparation for a successful course of study in the fields of art/design, economics and, from 2019, medicine.

The Gaesdonck profile is rounded off by numerous qualifying and recreational campus offers in music, art, sports and many other areas. In particular, we offer highly motivated students an excellent education in a positive, lively learning atmosphere. Social and responsible thinking and acting is promoted, demanded and lived in all respects.

Key facts

  • School-leaving certificate: Abitur (general qualification for university entrance)
  • 100 boarding school places; in the middle and upper grades, single rooms are available for the students.
  • 800 pupils in total
  • Class size: 25-30 (upper secondary level ca. 10-20)
  • International student body: China, Latin America, Mexico, Paraguay, Poland
  • G9* classes (class 10-13), 3 streams [*G9 means nine years of secondary education]
  • Percentage of girls and boys 50/50 – school
  • Percentage of girls and boys 40/60 – boarding school
  • Abitur grade point average 2.0 (0.25 – 0.5 points better than the state average)
  • German as a Second Language (DaZ) private tuition (from level B1)
  • Own art school, music school and riding school, tennis training, big band
  • Parent structure: upper middle class, many academics
  • Catholic teaching and weekly church service
  • Classes until 1:30 p.m. Study time from 2:30-5 p.m. with 2 teachers, Campus time from 5 p.m. onwards.
  • Campus time courses: dancing, soccer, robotics, self-defence, lifeguarding
  • Biomedical Science Basics; badminton, gospel choir
  • Individual support concepts; promotion of the gifted
  • Approximately 95% of the pupils aspire to go on to university
  • 44 hectares large area; rural location and therefore a safe environment for the pupils
  • 34,000 inhabitants; near Düsseldorf
  • Social and responsible thinking and acting is promoted, demanded and lived in all respects.