Birklehof Boarding School

Security ∙ Development ∙ Personal Success

Here at the Birklehof boarding school, we learn from each other and encourage everyone – according to their needs, potential, talents and interests. This means that we give each other space to separate ourselves from each other. But also that we jointly assume responsibility for our goals. That we treat each other sincerely and engage in teaching and learning in a spirit of mutual trust. Our actions are guided by attitudes, virtues and values such as composure, tolerance and justice. We also contribute to international understanding and support disadvantaged people and regions. We understand all this to be human. Girls and boys learn from the very beginning to help shape life in the school and boarding school community.

Only those who learn to criticize constructively, to make informed decisions, to use their own freedoms responsibly and to put their abilities at the service of others will become truly self-confident and mature. This is taught at our grammar school and boarding school as well as empathy and understanding for the opinions and needs of others. This also belongs to humanistic education.

In the security of a manageable community, our committed pedagogues respond to the individual strengths and weaknesses of their protégés. They offer support and help where these are needed, give targeted impulses, challenge and support the children and young people with their diverse interests and talents. So that they acquire the qualifications they aspire to.

Key facts

  • School-leaving certificate: Abitur
  • Boarding school places: altogether approx. 130; in the upper school, single rooms are available for the pupils.
  • 200 students in total
  • Class size: 10-19
  • Students from many different nations
  • G8 Classes (Class 10-12)
  • Percentage of girls and boys 50/50 – School
  • Proportion of girls and boys 50/50 – Boarding school
  • Abitur grade point average: 2.3
  • There are working groups in the fields of music, art, theatre, sport, crafts, technology, science or even self-awareness.
  • Member of the international association “Round Square”
  • Music house with practice rooms and concert hall
  • STEM Talent Centre in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • The preferred location in the Black Forest invites you to take plenty of exercise. In winter, the ski, snowboard and toboggan runs or cross-country ski runs are tempting and in summer, mountain biking on the Hochschwarzwald Trail or even hiking are on offer.
  • House, mix and class tournaments are an integral part of school and boarding school life.
  • Career counselling with discussion rounds and lectures by representatives from a wide variety of professions