Are Gymnasium

I am in order to become

The Are Gymnasium is a state school and a cooperation school of the private school Carpe Diem. The pupils attend the Are Gymnasium and live in the Carpe Diem boarding school.

In accordance with our maxim “Sum ut fiam” we see ourselves as companions of the young people during a formative phase of their lives. In these years of their school years they are always on their way, facing new challenges in a constant process and growing with them. Our guiding principle “I am to become” is a very encouraging approach for all learners, because it places the meaning of becoming at the centre of our actions and not the finished knowledge alone.

In concrete terms, we have set ourselves the primary goal of ensuring equal opportunities. We want to keep an eye on the whole person. Through task-oriented teaching without homework, we want to create a learning culture that is suitable for pupils, in which pupils can independently master the subject matter at school regardless of their social background.

Learning times have a fixed place in the timetable of our all-day grammar school. During the learning times, the upcoming tasks of the individual subjects are to be dealt with within the framework of internal differentiation. In addition, they serve to prepare and follow up the subject matter. Parallel to the German, mathematics and English lessons, we offer individual support in individual lessons, whether to further support special talents or to work through possible deficits.

Key facts

  • School-leaving certificate: Abitur
  • Boarding school: Carpe Diem
  • 1,230 pupils in total
  • G8 Classes (Class 10-12)
  • The all-day common learning takes place from Monday to Thursday from 7.55 a.m. to 4 p.m., Fridays to 1 p.m., embedded in a rhythm, a meaningful change between effort and relaxation.
  • Learning times and support hours
  • Personality development: value orientation, method training, de-escalation and prevention work, study and career orientation, training of environmental, climate and energy awareness.
  • A special kind of musical promotion is the brass class, an important focus of the Are-Gymnasium next to Musical-Club, Big band and School band.
  • Arbitrators
  • Anti-Bullying Group
  • Vocational counselling